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Dalyando "Ekincik trail"


Every Tuesday

You will not quickly forget the Ekincik Trail which can only be booked at Dalyando Hotel! This is the perfect and peaceful way to discover the local area for those who enjoy walking.


  • 6:30 Delicious Turkish breakfast
  • 7:15 Ferry across the River Dalyan
  • 7:30 Gandir village, starting point of the trail past the rock tombs and ruins
  • 8:15 Coffee in a traditional Turkish café
  • 8:45 Trail towards the coast with plenty of time for photos
  • 10:45 Arrival at Ekincik beach where you can swim or relax
  • 12:15 A delicious traditional lunch at a location specially selected by us
  • 13:15 Trail towards and along the shores of beautiful Lake Koycegiz
  • 14:15 Break
  • 14:35 Continue the trail towards Sultaniye to enjoy the mud baths, thermal springs or swim in the lake. You can, of course, just sit and relax!
  • 17:00 Departure boat back to Hotel Dalyando
  • 18:00 Back at the hotel you will have time to relive your day and take a shower
  • 19:15 BBQ of tasty, traditionally fried fish or chicken

Price of this package:

€55 per person for guests, €60 for non-guests. The price includes boat journeys, breakfast, lunch, BBQ, coffee and tea.
All other drinks, such as water, soft and alcoholic drinks are extra.

The minimum number of participants for the Ekincik Trail is 6. We can offer an alternative if there are not sufficient numbers, or you can choose to get your money back. All departure and arrival times are estimates.

Note: If you are planning to walk the Ekincik Trail, please make sure that you wear good walking boots.