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"Dalyando boat trip"

Every Friday

The Dalyando boat trip is very similar to the standard boat trip offered by many companies in Dalyan. You can book these at our hotel every day or choose to come on the Friday. If you book the Dalyando boat trip on Friday, then the breakfast, lunch and BBQ are included! It is a glorious day out for a very reasonable price.


  • 7:45 Delicious Turkish breakfast
  • 8:00 Departure by boat
  • 9:00 Look for turtles
  • 10:00 Arrival at the beach to sunbathe and relax
  • 12:00 Delicious Turkish lunch on the boat
  • 13:00 Departure by boat to look for crabs
  • 14:00 Time for a couple of hours on the Mediterranean waves
  • 16:00 Return to the lake and the mud baths
  • 17:30 Departure by boat to the hotel
  • 18:00 Back at the hotel you will have time to relive your day and take a shower
  • 19:00 BBQ of tasty, traditionally fried fish or chicken

Price for this package:

€32 per person for guests, €38 for non-guests. The price includes boat journeys, breakfast, lunch, BBQ, coffee and tea. All other drinks, such as water, soft and alcoholic drinks are extra.

The minimum number of participants for the Dalyando boat trip is 6. We can offer an alternative if there are not sufficient numbers, or you can choose to get your money back. All departure and arrival times are estimates.